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Raina is Getting Advanced Models!

Improvements to Raina.png

MagicSchool recently released the ability to choose the AI model to power Raina. You will notice now there is a drop down with two options: Fastest and Smartest. The Fastest” option is great for most use cased when using Raina. Choosing the Smartest” option is one you would use for more advanced/complex use cases. By selecting the smartest option, you gain access to the latest and most powerful GPT4o model by OpenAI, released Monday, May 13, 204. This model is currently powering the Smartest model in Raina. This model has been tuned like Raina has always been and safe for school and educational settings.

Quote from MagicSchool:

We are committed to always providing the option to have access to frontier models in our platform - and we’re continually optimizing for the best model to power every Magic Tool.

Check out Raina and explore the different models here!

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