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πŸ“ Earth Day Resources 🌎

Author: Marshall Beyer | Read Time: ~ 3 minutes | Publish Date: Wed, April 14, 2021


Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Every year in April, everyone around the globe comes together and we celebrate the beautiful planet we live on. Earth Day came to fruition back in 1970 where 20 million Americans came together to increase protections for our planet. Learn more about the origins of Earth Day here.

Earth Day Timeline.png

For years, educators have been celebrating Earth Day in classrooms/schools with their students. Coming up with resources to use on this day can be a little overwhelming due to the fact that there are so many resources out there. In this post, we are going to cover a few ideas and share some resources.


Earth Day HyperDocs.png

HyperDocs are a great way to compile content and make it accessible to students all in one organized digital space. Learn more about HyperDocs here. You can find samples, templates, and much more!

One of HyperDocs’s co-creator, Lisa Highfill, has graciously put together this awesome Wakelet collection. In this collection, you will find links to different HyperDocs that could be used with your students. Check out the Wakelet collection here.

Seesaw Lessons

Seesaw Earth Day.png

If you are one who uses Seesaw, this collection is just for you! Here you will find many Earth Day activities that you can easily add to your Seesaw classroom. Find the collection here.

Scratch + Earth Day

Scratch Earth Day.png

Are you wanting to combine coding and Earth Day? Well Scratch has you covered. On Scratch, you will find some Earth Day projects that can inspire both you and your students. You can find those projects here.

Wakelet Collection

Finally, I have compiled a Wakelet collection of many Earth Day resources I have found across the internet. If you are not aware of what Wakelet is, Wakelet is a platform that allows the user to quickly capture content from the internet and save it into collections. These collections can include links to websites, files, text, photos, and more! You can also collaborate on collections with others. Learn more about Wakelet here. You can find my Wakelet collection here.

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